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Lightning Protection Systems

Lightning Protection Systems in Naperville & Aurora, IL

Lightning strikes more frequently in Naperville and Aurora, Illinois, than in any other state in the US, necessitating the installation of lightning protection for local businesses. CJ Power Electrician is committed to enhancing the safety of properties in Naperville and Aurora, Illinois, by providing high-quality lightning protection systems to our business clients. Our lightning protection systems use industry-leading materials and processes to ensure your business building’s safety during any storm. Lightning poses a major threat to your property’s integrity, but we offer all of the Naperville & Aurora, IL lightning protector designs you’ll need to reduce your risk and secure your structure.

A Commercial Lightning Protection System’s Must-Have Features

Every structure has its own risk factors for lightning strikes, and every lightning protection system is different based on the structure and roofing system of your home. Our lightning protection systems are designed to securely deflect lightning strikes to the ground, safeguarding the structure and electrical system from possible fractures and flames. This might be a terrific way to save money on insurance, raise the value of your home, and safeguard your place of business.

The following are some of the most important elements of a good lightning protection system:

  • Air Terminals and Lightning Rods: These terminals, which are usually found on roofs or higher ledges, collect and redirect lightning.
  • Electrical discharge from the terminal to a safe ground is carried by your primary conductors.
  • Ground Terminators: Electrical currents are securely neutralized by your ground terminators.
  • Bonding Connections: Bonding connections connect your system and keep it together for a long time.
  • Lightning Arrestors: During an electrical storm, arrestors safeguard your building’s wiring from harm.
  • Surge Suppression: Surge suppressors protect your property’s electrical components from harm in the case of an energy spike.
  • And there’s more!

Professionally installed lightning protection in Naperville and Aurora, Illinois

Make a decision today to safeguard your building from a future threat. Don’t allow lightning put your facility, workplace, or building at risk. So you can stay safe and up-to-code, our commercial electricians will work with you to establish the best lightning protection options for your location.

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