Home Improvements to Sell Your Home

Contractor & roofing

If you are looking to add curb appeal and quality to get the asking price you want when you sell your home, there are a few stand-out home improvements you should consider! Have a look, we compiled a list of the best candidates.

Roof repair: The first thing a prospective buyer will do is see your home from the curb. If they like what they see, they will send a home inspector up onto your roof! Make sure the home inspector sees great roofing. Our friends, the Indianapolis roof contractor experts at Richmond Exteriors, recommend a tune-up prior to selling your home for this exact reason.

Power washing: just like selling a car, selling a clean and shiny home is easier and you are more likely to get your asking price! Be sure to clean the exterior and the walkways.

Cabinet refinishing: there are fantastic DIY products out there to remove scratches and blemishes from wooden surfaces like cabinets. Or, hire a professional and get the perfect look!

There you go, 3 easy home improvements to make sure that you get your asking price when selling your home!

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